Electrical Panel Upgrade

Considering an electrical panel upgrade? Our team of highly skilled electricians specializes in installing electrical panel upgrades for both residential homes and businesses.

Upgrading From 100 To 200 Amp Panel 

The average person doesn’t realize how much more efficient their home would run by upgrading their panel. If you own a relatively older home or building, then the chances are you should consider upgrading from 100 to 200 amp panel. Without a service upgrade, you will occasionally experience issues such as flickering lights, strange sound from your fuse box, smoke coming from light switches and constant tripping circuit breakers. These are all warning signs that the service panel is pleading with you to be replaced.

Electrical panels often get overlooked, perhaps, because they are usually not installed in plain sight of most homeowners. If you are experiencing any of the issues described above, then we highly recommend that you at least get your panel inspected. With the rise of smartphones, wifi enabled devices, and the vast array of other digital devices, your panel continues to get overworked over the decades with no end in sight.

For installation, troubleshooting, or maintenance call PDI Service Group–Today! We’re here to help!

The Cost To Upgrade Electrical Panel?

If you are wondering the cost to upgrade an electrical panel to 200 amps, then we can help answer that question. The cost to upgrade an electrical panel usually depends on several factors including city permits, type of equipment you desire (for example you can go with a standard panel, or a bluetooth enabled panel), and other factors.

Today there are panels that access the internet and can notify you of the source of the issue that the panel is experiencing. This is ideal because it cuts down the time to pin-point any issues almost entirely. We can also access those panels remotely to assist you with the issue. Since there are so many options available to you, and so many projects requiring additional services, simply give us a call for a Free Estimate at (210) 541-4338. We are excited to hear from you!

Planning Your New Electrical Panel

When it is time to plan for your new electrical panel, then we can help you every step of the way. Since we are licensed with the state of Texas, we can pull all the required permits needed for us to complete the project you need our help with. We also can show you a variety of options available to you to choose from. There are many electrical panel options that are just standard, some are designed specifically for many multiple large connections to solar panels, spas, and sub panels designed to carry a bunch of weight like the neighborhoods biggest Christmas light display. And much like we mentioned in the last section, there are even panels that can connect to your internet connection to inform you (or us) of any trouble it is experiencing.

Besides panels, we can also help homeowners and businesses with complete wiring upgrades throughout the property to prepare your property to handle all of today and tomorrow’s electric demands. In the end, we will meet with the city inspectors to come and inspect our work to ensure that it passes all safety codes and guidelines. Give us a call when you are ready to start planning your new electrical panel.

Commercial 200 Amp Circuit Breaker Panel

We most commonly work with commercial businesses, so we’re used to working on some of the most complex projects out there. One of our most requested commercial service projects is upgrading commercial buildings to 200 Amp circuit breaker panels. Many of our projects include older properties like apartment buildings, high rise buildings, and everything in between. In fact, we are often installing many multiple 200 amp breaker panels together at the same time. This makes sense if you are going through a major upgrade transformation of your property, for example doing a condo conversion or installing AC units throughout an entire apartment complex. Another sample reason of why you would call us would be if you are deciding on taking advantage of San Antonio’s mass array of year around sun light, and you want to use that to lower your electricity cost. In older buildings, this will require you to upgrade all of your existing breaker panels. No matter the reason, and no matter the size, PDI Service Group is up to the task of completely overhauling and upgrading all of your electrical needs on your property and bringing them into 2020 standards. If you’re looking to work with a cutting edge company, then you won’t find a better company anywhere in Texas.

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