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Searching for a general contractor for you next project? PDI Service Group is a licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor who delivers exceptional results for residential and commercial projects.

5-Star General Contractor in San Antonio TX

Whether you are refinishing your basement, installing a deck in your backyard, or building a new dwelling on your property, PDI is here to help. We are a locally owned, family operated General Contractor in San Antonio.  When you hire us, you hire the best, because we work hard for you. When you are hiring multiple trades to come in and do your renovation, they all work separately. When you hire us, we provide you a symbiotic unison of professional tradesmen who are always on the same page with your renovations project. You don’t have to worry about multiple phone calls, cancellations, no shows, or having to track down every one to see where things are at with your project.. We have it all covered for you. We bring in our skilled team of professionals, who stay on top of your job from start to finish. 

What Do We Do As General Contractors?

As general contractors it is our job to provide everything needed to do your entire project from beginning to end. Not only do we supply all the materials, and equipment, we also provide all the labour. If we need extra assistance that is out of our scope of what we can do ourselves, we hire additional contractors. We work closely with our entire crew to ensure that we have everyone you need on the job site, when they are needed to complete your project in a timely manner. We oversee all work that is done, and have you kept in the loop at all times so you can watch your project unfold in front of your eyes.

What is a Building Contractor and How Can They Help?

They are the brains behind the operation of making sure that your project is structurally sound, and zoned correctly. With their expertise in architectural structures, zoning, and many other intricate details that go into the planning, and blueprints of your initial stages of your project, it is the building contractor who will make all that come to life. You want to make sure whatever project you have ready to go has received the green light. From being approved by the city in terms of zoning from the blueprint stage, as well as the who, what, why, when and where of the plan of action for your project moving forward all comes from the building contractor.

Can Remodeling Contractors Take Care of All My Remodeling Needs?

Yes remodeling contractors can take care of all your remodeling needs. When you hire us to do your remodeling, we go through all the steps with you of what it is that you are wanting to remodel, find your replacements, make structural changes if necessary, help you find all the fixtures, cupboards, closets, or anything else that you may be wanting to have installed during your remodeling stages. The process does not need to be a complicated one. We believe that communication is key with our clients. Whether it is picking out stone, tiles, plumbing upgrades, countertops, the decision is yours. We will work with you so you can find what looks the best, and create your vision for your remodeling project. We want your finished result to have you jumping up and down for joy in how amazing it came together, and how wonderful the end result is.

Among The Leading General Contractors In San Antonio?

It is true. There are many general contractors in San Antonio. The best contractors are the ones who work with their clients. You need to know when you are spending any amount of money on your home, that you want it done your way, and the right way the first time. That means the contractors you hire need to have an open line of communication with you at all times. Having your calls dodged, being interrupted, not listened to, and told what to do, feels very demeaning. We don’t want our clients to ever have that kind of experience. Unfortunately we have had to come in and fix what other people have messed up. It is hard to watch someone who has been so gravely taken advantage of. You can be rest assured with us, that you matter, your opinions matter, and your project matters to us. We want to ensure you feel validated at all times, and completely satisfied with the results you are receiving, when you hire someone to come in and work on your home.

General Construction Covers All Your Bases

General construction covers all your bases. When you call you a general contractor it is their job to make sure you have everyone, and everything you need to complete any project. Our company hires only the best of the best to make sure that not only are all your bases covered, but you have only experts coming into your home, that will give you their full attention to ensure a job well done. Our professionals understand that what you want done to your home is something that is important to you. So it is important to us that we bring in a team that will do right by you and your project.

Construction Contractors Are There To Make Your Life Easier

Construction contractors are there to make your life easier. When you start a new project there are often unexpected issues that come up. When the unexpected occurs, then that’s when our team shines. After working in the industry for over 20 years, we have encountered just about every unexpected issue that could go wrong, and we will already know the solutions to most problems that regularly come up. We work together to find solutions so we can move through the problem quickly, find a solution, and keep your project going in a timely fashion. You will always be kept in the loop, and at the same time we never want the stress to fall on you. If there are decisions you need to make we guide you through the process. We communicate with you at all times to make it a smooth flowing process. The rest is as easy as pie when you leave it to the professionals who are there to give you the help you need when you need it.

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