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Looking for an elite-level industrial electrician? We are San Antonio’s highest qualified master electricians capable of working with large industrial installation, service, or repair projects.

 Proven Industrial Electrical Contractors

Not even experienced electricians are qualified to perform industrial work. It requires a team of highly skilled professionals to see these large projects through to completion (and to do so safely). Don’t entrust your project into the hands of a “fly by night operation”. We are proven industrial electrical contractors. Marcelo Orta, Master Electrician and leader of PDI’s electrical division, got his start in the industry working on some of the biggest and most complex projects in the state. PDI has a combination of 50 years of experience under our belts, we are the ones to turn to when you need the absolute best. For a Free, No Hassle Estimate or electrical guidence regarding your next big project just give us a call. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

High Voltage Electrician Specialists

As high voltage electrician specialists, we take all necessary safety precautions to ensure that nobody’s lives are at risk. First, we preplan installations before work is started. We do this by having all the heavy equipment in place in advance to ensure the projects goes off without a hitch. We also staff enough help for the project to ensure that body is overextending themselves and so we have more eyes on the project that are trained to foresee issues before they arise. Secondly, we are able to take your drawings and address or eliminate any roadblocks that would arise before installation beings. Planning in advance in this manner saves time during the installation process, yet even better, it helps us to assign tasks to team members to allow for everyone to be individually responsible for certain areas of safety during the installation. Lastly, our team has been together for so long that we are already trained to work as one powerful machine. If you’re looking for the best in the industry, then you’ve come to the right place.

5-Star Industrial Electrical Contractors

Being one of the  leading industrial electrical contractors in Texas really comes down to the small foundational ways we do business. For one, we know how to take care of those who hire us. Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry, and our quality of work is world class. We try to over deliver on our value to ensure that you continue to use us going forward. Secondly, we try to go beyond our promises to over deliver on all the projects that we work on. We will go through extreme levels to ensure that we remain in budget so that you feel like you receive far more value than you initially expected when you initially hired us. Lastly, we also make every effort to deliver on time or sooner. We understand that time is money and our guys have a heightened sense of urgency to deliver on time so that your project never gets held up on our account. If you want to work with a company who executes on their promises, then give us a ring–Today!

Start to Finish Electrical Construction 

If your project seems daunting or overwhelming, then we can help you with that burden. We’ve worked on some of the most overwhelming projects in Texas. This isn’t our first rodeo. However, if it is your first time, then we’ll make the entire process as simple and painless as possible from start to finish. As your expert electrical construction company, we will ensure that the burden is placed on our shoulders so that you do not have to worry. And unlike most electrical contractors, we also have a construction division. We can build buildings from the ground up. This is valuable for you because we can plan for tasks and jobs that come after our work to installed. This will make it easy for future crews to come in and add to our existing work. Or we can help provide the existing work so that you do not have to interview additional companies. We can save you time and we can have your project moving forward with all of your electrical needs and more. We want to hear more about your plans. Pick up the phone and let us know how we can help to move your next project forward to completion.

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