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Get expert electrical services for your San Antonio area home. Keeping you and your family safe is PDI Service Group’s number one priority. Our team is experienced in all types of residential electrical needs, and has a mission to create a secure San Antonio.

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Experienced Residential Electricians You Can Trust

Your home should be a haven of security and comfort. Unfortunately, if you aren’t confident that your home’s electricity is up-to-code and safe, it can be hard to feel at ease.

There are many unlicensed electricians out there performing poor, unsafe work. Whether you are aware of code violations in your electrical systems or you are simply unsure about the state of electricity in your home, it’s important to find a team of electricians you can depend on.

PDI Service Group is a licensed, 5-star electric company serving homes in San Antonio. We provide unmatched electrical solutions that give you confidence in your home’s electrical systems. When you work with our team, you’ll have no doubt that your home is safe and secure for you and your family.

The PDI Service Group Difference

Choosing PDI Service Group means choosing safety, education, and results. It means choosing licensed, insured, up-to-code, skilled, and professional. Unlike some electricians, we’re not interested in getting through as many jobs as quickly as possible. Instead, we’re interested in taking our time with each job to do things accurately, honestly, and safely.

At PDI Service Group, our team is part of the San Antonio community. That’s why we do our part to help create safe, welcoming homes through our top-of-the-line electrical solutions. We reduce fire hazards and potential electrocution in San Antonio area homes, offering peace of mind to homeowners in the community.

Residential Electrician Services

Our goal as residential electricians is to serve homeowners. Our residential electrician services follow a set of streamlined processes that ensure every home is given the safe electrical solutions they need. The PDI Service Group process includes:

Customer Education

We strive to provide education, teaching our customers how their electric system works and giving them the knowledge they need to troubleshoot and help maintain it.

Transparent, Honest Information

With every electrical issue, we offer multiple solutions with essential details, so that our clients can make the best decisions when it comes to their home’s electricity.

Labor Warranty

We have a three and five year warranty on the work that we perform in our clients’ homes. Through our warranties, our clients can rest easy, knowing that our work is covered. We stand by our work. Before leaving any project, we test and retest to ensure proper function. Our work always comes with a year’s warranty, as well as assistance with the manufacturer's warranty.

Accurate Electrical Solutions

At PDI Service Group, customers can always count on our high-quality, up-to-code work. When San Antonio residents call us with an issue, they get to relax and know that we will take care of it. With our expert team, our customers won’t need to make a repeat call. Rest assured, we do everything right the first time.

Above and Beyond Service Warranty

While the state of Texas only requires one million dollar service warranty coverage, PDI Service Group carries a five million dollar service warranty. We go above and beyond so that our clients don’t have any risk when they hire our experienced company.

Quality Electrical Solutions in San Antonio

Breath easy when you hire PDI Service Group. We work hard to give you peace of mind when you choose us. We know that electricity isn’t a joke. It’s an essential part of every home and can easily become unsafe with the wrong electrician. At PDI Service Group, our services are always effective and safe. We help create a safe San Antonio for homeowners.

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